John Rich has a run-in with the law

It’s been several years since John Rich had a good old fashioned run-in with law enforcement, but last week the Big & Rich singer had to pay up for some of his past activities. 

John tweeted: 

John fought the law and the law won. 

Big & Rich were up north on Saturday for a show in Lucknow, Ontario, Canada.  


Dierks Bentley is still dealing with Kip Moore’s pickup prank

Remember back a couple of months ago when Kip Moore pranked Dierks Bentley good by wrapping his cherished pickup, Big White, in plastic and then writing all over it? Oh yeah, and he put a goat in the back of it? It was pretty dang funny. At the time. Unfortunately, it looks like the prank lasted a bit longer than it was supposed to and Dierks is still dealing with the aftermath.

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