Jo Dee Messina is in talks to join Dancing With The Stars

Jo Dee Messina FacebookPhoto: Jo Dee Messina Facebook

I don't think I've ever heard anyone come right out and say they're in talks to appear on Dancing With The Stars without being asked. Usually there's this whole veil of secrecy and the only way you get an inkling of who might be on the show is when a secret source spreads the news to TMZ or Perez Hilton. 

No veil of secrecy here. Jo Dee Messina decided honesty was the best policy and came right out and told fans that she's been to LA to talk with the Dancing With The Stars people. 

From a Facebook post Jo Dee wrote yesterday: 

Well, got in from touring this week. It's the longest I've been away from my Mom in months. As soon as we got in I headed to airport to fly to LA. I had a meeting with the folks at ABC and Dancing With The Stars. I'm hoping to get on there for the fall season. (fingers crossed) The folks out there were so nice. I really enjoyed meeting with them. Dispite all the travel dramas with delays, I'm glad I went. 

After the meeting my husband and I had a few ours to kill before the redeye flight back home. We went to dinner at a place called Nobu. It was kind of like a date. Imagine that. 

Since April, we've been pulled in many directions trying to cover kids, work, my mom, laundy, dishes, etc. It was so great just to sit and "BE" together. 

We talk about our situation often. It's one of the phases that life puts you through. The key is finding a way to get through it. The time with "nothing to do" in LA was awesome. We laughed and got the chance to be silly. We got a chance to remember why it is we love each other so much. I guess date nights are crucial. Life hasn't allowed many of them lately, but, that's OK. 

I laugh when I think about it. it's kind of like the whole "put your mask on first" thing I often refer to. If YOU are OK, then you're able to help those around you. We needed that time. 10 hrs on a plane (back and forth) and a great dinner (hang time). So, whether or not I get on Dancing With The Stars this fall, I'm greatful for the meeting. It allowed me to spend with me sweet husband.