JJ Lawhorn Is The “Original Good Ol’ Boy”


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JJ Lawhorn is the true definition of a country boy, rural Virginia must have taught him well. His music is a good mix of traditional country with a little bit of newer flavor wrapped in there somewhere. Lawhorn, who is signed with Average Joes Entertainment beside label mate Colt Ford, has recently released a new record….and it's a winner. "Original Good Ol' Boys" aka O.G.O.B was released July, 16th 2013. I've took a pretty good liking to this artist so I decided to catch up with him for the rundown.

How would you best describe this album? What kind of style was you going for?

 I don't know if I ever went for any particular style, I just wanted to make something that I was proud of, stay true to myself, create a project that gives people insight to who I am and at the same time make a statement. I guess the only way to describe the record is "my life in song form."

Tell me about the process of making this album? I heard you worked with Jeremy Stover, how was that?

 It was nothing short of amazing. Stover is kinda like a second father type figure to me who has passed on unimaginable amounts of wisdom and put his reputation on the line many times to help me get started in this business. I can honestly say I would have never been able to get through the whole process without him. Basically I was blessed enough to have been able to sit down with some of the best songwriters in town, rack their brains for advice and write some great songs. I'm very proud of the fact that every song on my record I either wrote myself or co wrote. Then from there we went into the studio, recorded the music,worked hard and knocked out twenty songs. I actually finished my record awhile before I even got my record deal.

Who would you say your biggest influences are when it comes to music?

My mom for sure. Incredible musician. I have so many it's hard to only pick a few, they go all the way from Muddy Waters to Molly Hatchet, Waylong Jennings, Ralph Stanley and everywhere in between.

What are you most excited about as it pertains to this record?

To see the culmination of almost four years of hard work pay off!

Will you be doing any touring this summer?

Ohhhh Yeah! Catch me on the Original Good Ol' Boy Tour. Tour dates can be found at www.jjlawhorn.com

You can follow JJ on twitter @jjlawhornmusic

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