Jennifer Nettles was a twirler as a kid

Jennifer Nettles
Seriously, she's got to stop with these pictures of her as a kid. I'm about to have a heart attack from the amount of sweetness in this one picture alone! Too dang cute. 

Jennifer Nettles is taking the whole Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday thing to new heights by posting these adorable photos of her as a kid.

Yesterday she posted this one on Instagram:

A sequined leotard, a crooked little smile and a baton, and I was ready to go be in the hometown parade! Anybody else twirl? #majorette #FlashbackFriday

I remember when I was like 7 my school offered baton twirling classes for a day. Me and about 20 other little girls and one boy twirled our little hearts out that Saturday afternoon. I never got to march in any parades or dress up in a cute little sequined leotard, but I can still twirl a baton to this day. Yeah, it's a talent I show off as often as possible. Of course, that was back in the day when they actually taught useful stuff in school. 

Speaking of Jennifer, here she is singing her new single That Girl live in New York City. The song is from her upcoming solo album she's currently working on.  


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