Jake Owen proves that having big cojones will sometimes get you noticed

Let's face it, no matter how talented you are there will always be someone out there more talented. That goes for looks, money, skills, and many other things – no matter how much you have of something, someone else out there will have more. 

That's when being creative and having a good understanding of thinking outside of the box sometimes comes in handy. 

Yesterday, Jake Owen tweeted a funny picture (or scary depending on how you look at it) of something unexpected he came across in his fuel tank. 

Only in Nashville will someone leave you their CD and biz card in your fuel tank… Just found this.. Smooth move!! pic.twitter.com/OIUUD7V5QM

Jake owen CD and card
Too funny! I enlarged the photo and the business card is for Tyler and The Little Mountain Band. A quick Google search turned up a Facebook for the band and a YouTube account. It also turned up Tyler Hatley's Twitter account (@TylerHatley). I followed him and quickly got a message directly from Tyler.

I asked him about the card and CD and he says that he and his drummer were at Jake's block party on Monday in Nashville and they thought it might be a good way to get a foot in the door. 

As for how he knew it was Jake's pickup … that's easy, he had spotted pictures of it that Jake had posted in the past.

Twitter … helping stalkers and aspiring artists since 2006. 

Tyler says that he hasn't gotten a phone call from Jake yet, but watching the video below for Good Life, I have a feeling someone will be calling in the very near future. 


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