It appears that Taylor Swift may be the villain of this year’s MTV Music Video Awards

Clear back in 2009, the world was outraged by Kanye West's brazen microphone kidnapping while Taylor was accepting the award for Best Female Video. 

However, it appears that four years later, Taylor has become the official villain of the VMAs. 

During tonight's show, Taylor was once again awarded the Moonman for Best Female Video for I Knew You Were Trouble, but all anyone is talking about is how crappy she was to her ex, One Direction member Harry Styles, who was at the show. 

The first crappiness came when One Direction took the stage to announce the winner of the Best Pop Video. Taylor turned to her bestie Selena Gomez, who happened to be nominated, and said shut the fuck up, presumably aiming the sentiment to her ex up on stage. Selena ended up winning the award. Kind of sucked the wind out of Selena's win I'm thinking. 

Then when Taylor took the stage to accept the award for Best Female Video, she couldn't help but throw a little shade towards an ex, presumably Harry, by saying “I also want to thank the person who inspired this song…who knows EXACTLY who he is.”

Um, okay. 

Seriously, I think it may be time for Taylor to grow up just a bit and get over this whole ex thing. I think the world might be ready to break up with the whole woe is me bit – or maybe it's just me who is over it. 

On a side note, Taylor looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was fabulous and her dress was amazing. Check out her whole look here

[GIF courtesy Tumblr]

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    It doesn’t really look like she said Shut the f up to me…maybe it’s a crappy replay video. Looks like she said shut up…something and possible f up. But IDK…why does it matter anyways? It’s not like she stood up and yelled about the crowd for the guy to shut the f up. Get over it! Leave her alone. She’s such a sweetheart and the media is just trying to be a bunch of douche bags and make EVERYBODY look bad. Geeze! Get a life ppl. Who cares what she said to her best friend. Does it really matter. Girls say all sorts of stuff to their best friends. I’m sure Taylor has said way worse…and who even knows what or who she was talking about. GET A LIFE!!!!


    Let me just add if Taylor Swift is the villain of this years VMA’s then I’d say we did pretty good this year. But come on stop talking about something that MIGHT’VE OR MIGHT NOT HAVE been said. Start talking about Miley Cryus and her disgusting, uncomfortable, embarrassing, train wreck of a performance she displayed. This little thing about Taylor is soo stupid. Focus on real problems of the VMA’s.
    Let me correct my typos from my last comment 🙂 because I am OCD like that LOL: possibly* f up (not possible), above* the crowd (not about)

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