Is Taylor Swift sharing her loneliness on 4Chan?

Taylor Swift
Back a few weeks ago I told you about a radio contest that was being won by a 39-year-old man who wanted to win so that he could sniff Taylor Swift's hair. 

Odd, I know. 

Well that guy ended up winning the contest, but the radio station decided to shut the contest down without giving out the prize of a meet & greet after they found out the contest had been compromised. It was users at 4Chan, a bulletin board website where people usually post anonymously, who came up with the plan to troll the contest in the hopes of helping the hair-sniffer win. The website's users are very good at rallying the troops and getting things like that done.

Now, however, it appears that Taylor, who has been the object of 4Chan's attention on more than one occasion (they were also largely responsible for the deaf school winning the concert last year), may possibly be one of the site's regular anonymous users. 

One of the website's users did a little digging into another user's posts and found several things that made them think that it was Taylor posting. 

From The Huffington Post's rundown:

Exhibit A
A user invites the board to ask him/her questions, claiming they are "one of the 50 most famous people on the planet." After prodding, the user says they are famous for being an "entertainer."

Exhibit B
Similarities in photo backgrounds. One photo with a girl confirmed as Swift from a video she posted previously, and a second photo cut off at the eyes of an unidentified girl with a striking resemblance to the pop singer.

Exhibit C
A user posts "Sup /b/? Nothing quite like a freezing cold, wintery beach." That very same day, Swift posts the same thing on Twitter. 

Exhibit D
Perhaps the most compelling evidence: someone logs into /b/ and asks users to name his/her new kitten. The name Meredith is chosen. And boom, news breaks that Swift has just acquired a new kitten and its name is… wait for it… wait for it…MEREDITH.

The picture at the bottom of this post is some of the 4Chan user's evidence that Taylor is a 4Chan user herself (click it and it gets bigger). The saddest part on it is a post that the maybe-Taylor posted a few years ago that says: "I'm feeling down. Please make me smile." 

I'm sorry but there's nothing sadder than someone being down in the dumps despite wearing a magnificent pegicorn shirt. Nothing.  


All the evidence presented is from 2011 and earlier so it could be that Taylor used to post but doesn't any longer, or maybe she's gotten better at hiding her trail. That or maybe it was never her in the first place. If it was her, however, then I say good for her if she found a place in this world where she was able to be herself even if it meant that she had to be anonymous to do it. Sucks that she's busted now.

The best part of this story to me isn't the fact that Taylor might possibly be a 4Chan user because honestly who cares? To me it's the thought that Taylor might possibly have been one of those anonymous tricksters trolling the internet trying to convince other internet tricksters to cheat at all these online contests where the grand prize was her. 

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