Here’s a thought … are women to blame for the direction of country music these days?

Keith Urban
Here's a secret I think I've probably mentioned in the past … I often have crazy and wildly odd thoughts while doing completely mundane things. 

Case in point, while folding laundry just a bit ago a thought popped in my head … are women to blame for the direction of country music? 

Yes, amongst the Tide-scented shirts and towels, I had a thought about women unwittingly being to blame for current country. 

Go figure. 

So the direction of country music has been a hot-button topic of late. While I don't personally see much of a problem with today's music, many other people around here definitely do have problems with it. I hear a lot of people blame musical acts such as Florida Georgia Line and Taylor Swift while others believe that the Scott Borchettas of the musical world are to blame. 

But what if it isn't any of those people but rather women in general who are creating what we hear today?

Hear me out. Have you noticed that many of the popular men in country are getting prettier, more metrosexual if you will, sort of emulating the outlaw country appearance of yesteryear but wearing expensive designer jeans? Today's ladies of country (excluding a few obvious ladies), however, are getting tougher and maybe edgier and, quite frankly, sounding much more traditionally country than their male counterparts. 

Okay, the ladies of country have pretty much always been a tough-as-nails feminine bunch so it's nice that many of today's popular ladies are carrying on the tradition of awesomeness. 

While trying to cater to what they think women want, music execs are creating and promoting what you see today. They think that what women really want to hear and throw their money at are other women we see as role-models for our inner badass while only requiring our musical men to look good in a pair of jeans, enjoy the occasional mani-pedi, and who can sing about rocking our socks off in the bedroom. 

Quite frankly, I think music execs think we all really just secretly want boy banders. 

I think the main problem in all of this is that women have become so damn powerful that music executives are now trying to read our minds and cater to what they think we want. 

The funny thing is I've heard Dolly Parton in the past mention that this is sort of what music execs expected of her when she first started out … someone who looked pretty and sang prettier but who didn't really have anything important floating around that pretty little head of hers. 

Could it be that what we're experiencing right now is a sort of backwards sexual revolution where the women are being encouraged to be empowered while the men are purposely being dumb downed and sexualized? And could it all be because that's what people in power think we women want? 

But what about men and their musical tastes you ask? Well I'm thinking that many music execs just figure men will follow the boobs. You get women hot and bothered for a good-looking country singer and singing along with a badass lady country singer they look up to and the men will follow. 

Of course, these are just thoughts that I had while I was folding laundry and it's quite possible the bleach fumes got to me.