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     So who watched the CMA Fest: Country’s Night to Rock? If you missed it, it was on ABC at 8pm August 13th. If you follow Country Weekly or The Boot, you probably saw a lot of updates talking about the show. You probably also saw some comments by some people who were not impressed with the show. I enjoyed it overall, although there were times when the mute button was used. So here’s a round up of what took place (along with a load of opinions on my part):


      The show opened with Carrie Underwood covering “Paradise City”. Carrie rocked the performance, and she’s always a fan favorite. Plus, her outfit was fantastic! That being said, I’m sure most of us could have done without the rock song. I, personally, have never understood why Country shows feel the need to include Rock songs.

      Florida Georgia Line performed their hit “Cruise”. Now I was not impressed, nor have I ever been impressed with FGL. I will restrain myself from going into a rant here! I will say that the song is definitely catchy.

      Hunter Hayes performed his “I Want Crazy" single. He did a great job and he’s obviously a new fan favorite. The song is catchy and Hunter is definitely a very talented young man.



      Brad Paisley performed his hit “Beat This Summer”. Paisley is always a dependable artist, giving the fans what they expect. I, personally, am not a big fan of this particular song. It’s a nice song though.

      The young stars of the hit show “Nashville”, Lennon and Maisy, also performed. They are cute and entertaining. Their vocals also mesh well together. They are definitely ones to watch!

       Then The Band Perry brought the house down with their hit “Done”. Kimberly rocked the performance! She puts the sassy in this song. This song is energetic, fun, and sassy. The Band Perry are great performers!



     Luke Bryan is always a huge fan favorite! He performed his hit single (and first one off his latest album) “Crash My Party”. I personally Love Luke, he’s an energetic performer and has a great personality. Not too mention that I think I can safely speak for all women and girls, when I say, Those JEANS!!


      Kelly Clarkson sang her latest single “Tie It Up”. Kelly’s got a fantastic, powerful voice. I like the song, it’s catchy and Kelly’s voice has got that twang in it.

       Blake Shelton performed his “Boys Round Here”. Blake’s always a fan favorite. There’s no denying that the song is incredibly catchy! Loved the performance, it’s always great to see Gwen singing back up. Gwen is a great singer herself and she’s got a sassy, twangy voice.

       Little Big Town (who also hosted the event) took the stage to perform their song “Your Side of the Bed”. They’re harmonies are absolutely amazing! I Love the song and LBT has become another fan favorite.


        Jason Aldean sang his hit single “1994”. I happen to like Jason and his edgy music. This song is fun and catchy.

        Taylor Swift sang her song “Red”. I feel the need to ask this question: Are We still calling Taylor country? Her shows tend to be too choreographed and big production. I thought the performance of “Red" was a bit weird, too choreographed. That being said, I will say that she’s a talented songwriter and a good singer (pop singer that is), and the song itself is good.     


       After Swift’s performance, she brought out Tim McGraw to sing “Highway Don’t Care”. I’m actually a fan of this song, I think it’s a great song. That being said, I think (again) Taylor’s performance was too choreographed and sexy. Tim did a great job as always, he’s always a fan favorite.

     Lady Antebellum took the stage to perform their latest hit “Downtown”. Hilary is awesome and has a great voice. This song showcases Hilary and gives her a chance to show off her sassy side. It’s a fun, catchy song, one that you’ll be singing all summer long.

      Eric Church sang his latest “Keep On”. Eric Church is definitely Out-Law Country. I enjoyed his performance and I like the song. You have to admire Eric for being true to himself, making the music that he wants to make.


        The Zac Brown Band performed their latest “Where the Wind Blows”.  My only complaint about the Zac Brown Band is that they tend to sing a lot of Beachy songs, but I guess that’s ok if you’re into a lot of beachy songs. But they do tend to keep the performances down to earth, and keep it real. Plus Zac Brown has got a nice voice.

       Hunter Hayes teamed up with Jason Mraz, to perform “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”. It’s a catchy song, I’m not a huge fan of Jason Mraz singing on it (the solo version sounds better). But it’s a nice song and the performance was also nice.


        Kacey Musgraves performed her latest “Blowin’ Smoke”. I happen to adore her, She’s true country. She’s fun and I like her voice. Good performer and love “Blowin’ Smoke”! She’s definitely going places in the country world! So Look Out!


        Kellie Pickler gives a tour of Nashville to the cast of Duck Dynasty. This segment is hilarious! Love Kellie, she’s funny and bubbly. The Duck Dynasty guys are pretty funny as well.

         Keith Urban performed “Little Bit of Everything”. He’s a fan favorite, but I’m not at all a fan of this song.


         Miranda Lambert took the stage to perform her latest single “All Kinds of Kinds”. Miranda is a fireball, sassy and dynamic on stage! She’s a personal favorite of mine. I LOVED her outfit. I love the song! It’s got an great message. The best thing about Miranda, is that her songs are great, but they are so much better performed Live. She brings her songs to life on stage and gives them the sassy edge that she’s famous for.


          It was also announced during the show, that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood would be hosting the CMA Awards again this year. They are definitely the favorites among hosts, and have a fantastic chemistry.

       Carrie Underwood took the stage again to perform her latest single “See You Again”. Carrie’s got a beautiful voice and it’s a beautiful song. She’s a great performer and a big fan favorite. Her outfit was really cool as well.


         Jason Aldean took the stage with Lenny Kravitz. The show could have done without this performance. As I said before, I don’t know why Country shows feel the need to have rock songs.

         Little Big Town took the stage again, this time to sing their smash hit “Pontoon”. They are great performers and the song is catchy and fun. Big hit for summer.

         Sheryl Crow joined Little Big Town on stage to sing a fun song, and then performed her own single “Easy”. It’s a nice song and was a good performance.

        The Zac Brown Band, Black Berry Smoke, and Kid Rock took the stage together to perform another rock song. It was better than the Aldean/Kravitz performance.


          Dierks Bentley sang his hit “Home”. Dierks is Pure Country. He is also a personal favorite. You really can’t go wrong with Dierks. It was a touching performance for a touching song. It was really nice when they shut the lights off and let the cell phone lights (which Dierks asked the audience to flash) shine. Very beautiful.

        Darius Rucker performed his song “Wagon Wheel”. It is such a catchy, twangy song. It is definitely a favorite among the fans.

        Kip Moore performed his latest single “Hey Pretty Girl”. He’s got a great, raspy voice. It’s a nice slow, low-key, romantic song. A switch for Kip. It was a touching performance. I’m definitely a fan of Kip Moore.

       The Band Perry took the stage again to sing “Better Dig Two”. The Perry’s are great performers! High energy, fun, sassy. Definitely enjoyable to watch. Love the song!


       Luke Bryan closed out the show with his “Country Girl (Shake it for Me)”. High energy performer, Luke is a huge fan favorite (especially among the ladies… Hey, the man fills out those jeans REALLY well).

Overall, it was an enjoyable show! =)

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