Fan who started fight during Miranda Lambert concert tells her side

Lil’ Jon once said: “Don’t start no sh*t, it won’t be no sh*t.”

The woman who started the fight during Miranda Lambert’s set in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday is now speaking out…and she’s sorry. If you missed the video of the incident, click HERE.

I’ve heard that there was some discussion over the fight Miranda broke up at the concert in Hartford. I wanted to set things straight because I was one of the parties involved. I’d call in but I’m unable to do so at the moment. First of all, I’d like to set things straight that it was not over a boy! We were standing in the pit when a older woman started purposely pushing into me, I didn’t move, just stood there. She then began to start yelling at me. I honestly don’t know why? Maybe I bumped into her trying to get back to my spot. She was screaming at me when I wouldn’t move, calling me horrible names. I tried to get her to stop yelling at me. I told her “ma’am, I’ve been standing here all night, I’m just trying to enjoy the concert, please stop” and began to ignore her. Her husband then began to start yelling at me.

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