Chris Janson Says “Cut Me Some Slack”

Chris Janson is back in action with a new single titled "Cut Me Some Slack." The new single will be on his self titled EP, along with his prior single "Better I Don't." The EP will be released on 9/3 via Bigger Picture Group. The new single will be released to country radio next week, however, it is now available on iTunes.

Chris Janson is best known as the songwriter behind Tim Mcgraw's "Truck Yeah." He also wrote the title track for Justin Moore's upcoming album "Off The Beaten Path." He is explosive on stage and completely unpredictable. I compare his live set to a wild horse, it's not meant to be tamed. He brings a blue-collar, redneck edge to every show that seems to be lacking in country music these days. Chris Janson is the future of country music which makes a outlaw girl like me VERY proud.

You can follow Chris via twitter @janson_chris

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