Guest post: Blake Shelton’s “Mine Would Be You” — Single Review


 Guest Writer:

      The third single off Blake Shelton’s “Based On A True Story" album, is the ballad "Mine Would Be You”. It’s a song about heartbreak. Blake steps away from the up-tempo, good-time feel of his last single “Boys Round Here”. This song is slow and somber. As you listen to the song, you think it’s a love song celebrating a happy relationship. But the last verse throws a twist into the song. It takes a devastating turn, when the singer reveals that it’s actually a song of lost love, of heartbreak. The final few lines of this song reveals:
     "What’s the greatest chapter in your book/ Are there pages where it hurts to look/ What’s the one regret you can’t work through/ You got it baby, Mine would be you."

It’s a message to the woman he lost, filled with desperation. He sings with the regret of letting her go.

   Blake is always a good singer of ballads. He has yet to meet one he didn’t like. He does an excellent job on this latest single. I, personally, was starting to worry about his music. The last few singles have been pretty generic, not up to par with his older stuff. But I believe that this ballad saves him from falling into that generic pit. It’s definitely worth a listen and a buy. Finally a good song from a good singer. I’ve always said that Blake has a great voice, he just needs to be better at picking songs!

 So Go take a listen!

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