Billy Ray Cyrus just wants world peace after Miley’s VMA twerk-fest

BSkAFXOIQAAy_BcPhoto via Twitter

I wish, wish, wish that the word twerking (as in the dance) would just go away along with other annoying words such as YOLO and diet, but last night during the MTV VMAs, twerking was alive and well and scary as hell.

Billy Ray Cyrus' baby girl, Miley, decided to put on quite the show last night and twerked her way to VMA infamy by dirty dancing with some teddy bears, a foam finger, and Robin Thicke. It really was quite the spectacle. 

After the show, the internet exploded. Apparently a bit of the negativity reached Billy Ray because he took to his Twitter to pray for world peace. 

Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love …less hate.

Yeah, would probably be better to pray for your daughter right about now.


If you happened to have missed the show then you missed some of the best reactions from the audience while Miley was on stage. Here's Taylor Swift and Will Smith's family. Their faces really do say it all. 

Will smith family
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If you missed Miley's sexploits, you can watch them below now.