Billy Currington pleads not guilty in elder abuse case

Billy CurringtonPhoto:

After having his arraignment postponed once, Billy Currington has finally gotten a court date in his elder abuse/terroristic threats case.  

Billy, of course, was charged with making terroristic threats and abuse of an elder person (a felony) after he allegedly threatened a 70-year-old tour boat captain who, according to Billy, drove his boat too close and too fast by a dock at Billy's lakeside home in Georgia. 

Earlier this week, Billy's attorney entered a plea of not guilty for the singer and a court date was set for October 4, 2013. Currington did not appear in the courtroom at the time of his plea. 

Billy is scheduled to perform at the Delta Jam in Tunica, Mississippi on 10/4. It's not clear if he will cancel that appearance or not. Billy's new album "We Are Tonight," is set to be released on September 17. 

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