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Guest post:

This is the Pistol Annies' second album, and they have continued to put forth great music! I happen to be a fan of the Annies, so this is coming from a fan. I loved their first album, so I was very excited when the new one came out. They are not only three talented vocalists, but they are also gifted songwriters. Every song on this album was written by 1, 2 or all three of the Annies.

The album starts off with the song "I Feel a Sin Comin' On". I think it's one of the best songs on the album! It starts out with Miranda Lambert singing in a sultry a cappella. The first part of the song is sung in a cappella with each of the girls (Miranda, Angie, and Ashley) taking a verse. Then the song goes into a sultry melody to match the mood of the song. I think this song is very nicely done. It's one of my favorites.

The next song, Hush Hush, is the first single off of the album. It's a fun take on dysfunctional families, and it's very catchy. It's unmistakably Pistol Annies. This song is also one of my favorites on the album.

Then comes, Being Pretty Ain't Pretty, which is a song about the woes of being a woman. This song is definitely an anthem for all Women. It's true and real. It's a more melancholy, lower-key song, which just helps to drive the point of the song home.

Then there's the song, Unhappily Married. This is also one of my favorites on the album. It's a sassy song about 'spending forever unhappily married". The melody is as crazy and dysfunctional as the marriages being described in the song. It's definitely one of the best on the album.

The next song is, Loved By a Workin' Man. It's lower-key ode to the love of a working man. It's a celebration and explanation of the love of a working guy. Angaleena takes the lead on this song (she also wrote it). It's a nice love song.

Next up is: Blues, You're a Buzzkill. Ashley takes the lead on this song with her beautiful vocals. It's a melancholy song about the blues, but done differently. Ashley Monroe has a gift/talent for pouring the right amount of emotion into a song through her voice (and her songwriting). This song is one of the best, vocally, on the album. It's a slower pace song. It's VERY country, traditional country (what Ashley is known for).

'Don't Talk About Him, Tina' is a fun song, which Miranda takes the lead on, about a girl who is going through a break-up, and her friends telling her to just forget him. Tina's friends spend the song telling her to pull herself together and she deserves better.

The next song, Trading One Heartbreak for Another, has a driving moody beat to it. It's about a mother trading the heartbreak of a bad marriage (by leaving) for the heartbreak of her son (over losing his daddy). Angaleena takes the lead on this one (as it is a personal song for her). She goes on to explain that she 'doesn't have to lay beside him, feeling alone' but her son is crying for his daddy. She doesn't have to feel neglected and unhappy anymore, but her son is devastated. It's an emotional song. Definitely very real and raw. Very country.

The next song on the album is probably the Best one, vocally, lyrically, the whole package. 'Dear Sobriety' is a gut-wrenching, emotional song. Ashley takes the lead on this song. Her vocals have never been so perfect. She pours every drop of emotion she has into this song. It's about an alcoholic desperately trying to get sober, but always failing. The melody is beautiful and just as raw as the vocals and lyrics. It's definitely a must listen!! (Even if you don't buy the album, you HAVE to listen to this song!)

Up next is, Damn Thing. This song has an up-beat melody. It's got an oh well/Go with the flow attitude, because you can't do a "damn thing about it". It's a song that reminds us that we can't change or control everything, and that sometimes you just have to go with it/let go. Miranda takes the lead on this song. It's just a fun song, and it happens to be one of my favorites.

'Girls like Us' is up next. It's an anthem for everyday women. It's a slower paced song. The girls take turns with verses, and come together on the chorus. It's a nice song, and the chorus is catchy. Miranda leads into the chorus with "Girls like us, we don't mess around, We don't tie you up, just to let you down. Don't girls like us that make the world go 'round."

The album ends with 'I Hope You're the End of My Story'. A Slower paced, sweet love song. Ashley takes the lead on this song. It paints a picture of a lasting love. The dominant instrument heard on this song is the guitar.

Overall the album is a great album, artistically and vocally. Definitely a must for the Pistol Annies fan. I know some people may not want to spend money on a whole album, when they'll only like a few of the songs. That's why I included a review/summary of each song, so you can chose whether or not you want the whole album. =) Enjoy!

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