An update on the rumor that Kenny Chesney’s going to be a dad

So I have an update to the story I brought you yesterday about the rumor that Kenny Chesney's girlfriend is pregnant. 

Yesterday, I had received a tip that there was a rumor going around that Kenny Chesney's girlfriend is pregnant. I did a little digging because I hadn't heard anything about this and my curiosity was unleashed. What I found was that there was a website that had a fake story (they openly admit that their stories are fake) about Kenny's girlfriend being pregnant. It was satire or a lie or whatever you want to call it. I figured the case was closed and that no, Kenny isn't expecting a bundle of joy with a mystery girlfriend. 

Today, however, I got a tip from a reader that there may be more to the pregnant girlfriend rumor than I first thought. So I went into sleuth mode once again and it turns out that a girl from Kenny's past is in fact expecting. 

You may remember when Kenny dated Amy Colley back a few years ago. She was the Tennessee beauty queen who appeared in a People magazine article with Kenny. From what I can tell she was actually his longtime girlfriend and not just a passing fancy. 

Well it turns out that Amy is now pregnant. You can see a picture below that she posted on her Facebook page back in July. It also turns out that Amy is now Amy Colley-Tyson. 

Yep, she's married and not to Kenny. Stalking her page a bit shows that it looks like she got married earlier this year and is now happily expecting a baby with her husband (again, not Kenny). 

Looks like this was probably the actual source of the baby rumor and so yes, Kenny's ex-girlfriend is pregnant, just not by Kenny. 

Case probably closed. 

Amy Colley Tyson