Exclusive: Alabama celebrates 40th Anniversary with tribute album, reminisces about their hit-making career


Iconic hit-making group Alabama celebrates their 40th Anniversary this year, and to commemorate this milestone, the band — comprised of Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook — released a tribute album titled "Alabama & Friends" this week. Featuring such modern artists as Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan, the new 11-track project is primarily a contemporary covers album, but also includes two new songs by the group, "All American" and "That's How I Was Raised."

Earlier this month, Alabama hosted a press day to talk about the project, as well as look back at their impressive career. Not only did they gush about their love of Trisha Yearwood, but they also shared stories from back in the day regarding recording, touring and so much more.


Press Conference


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Photo: RCA Records

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