A note from an unhappy Jana Kramer fan

Jana Kramer

UPDATE: Jana possibly just emailed me and apologized to the unhappy fan. 

Earlier today I had a story about Kip Moore making some special fans feel extra special. I had mentioned that with Hollywood celebs you hear a lot of stories about bad behavior towards their fans but that with country stars you don't hear those stories very often. 

Unfortunately, occasionally I do hear stories about fans and their unhappy encounters with someone famous. 

Here's a story I received in my email back at the beginning of July from one reader who had an unpleasant encounter with Jana Kramer. Hopefully Jana was just having an off day and this isn't an indication of how she normally treats fans, but if it is then I hope she realizes that it's fans that make you famous and fans that buy your music. 

I've left the unhappy fan's name out of this since I'm not sure if she wanted this to be anonymous or not.

I used to be a HUGE fan of Jana Kramer but now, not so much! I have been
following her since she was on One Tree Hill, Prom Night etc. She was one of
the performers for the July 4th celebration on July 6 at Rogersville, TN.
Rogersville, TN is a very small place so of course, there wasn't a great big
crowd.  Jana performed several songs and they were really good but she would
have the audience members try to sing and when she wouldn't get a good
response, she would say that it sucked. Her words were, "okay, I'm going to
be honest with you all, that sucked". Or she would say that that was the
best response she was going to get out of that crowd. Okay, well, we just
thought that she must say what was on her mind. She did several songs, some
off her album, songs off her upcoming album, and some songs by other artist. After her performance was over, she introduced Brantley Gilbert to come out on stage since he was waiting on the side. He did and they walked off the stage together with several policeman. My husband and I was waiting to get an autograph right next to the stage since I purchased several of her merchandise. It looked like she was just mad or something
and was happy to be getting off that stage. She kept her head down not even
looking at the crowd of fans! They headed for a black Cadillac Escalade that
was waiting for them. She sat down in the back seat and started to remove
her mic pack (I believe that was what she was removing). We thought she was
coming over to sign some autographs after she removed all of that stuff but
she just slid in the vehicle then Brantley got in, leaving waiting fans. She
clearly didn't want to be bothered with autographs or fans. The driver just
drove off! I just didn't know if that was what she did at all of her
concerts or what. I wouldn't have wasted my time trying to make my way threw
that smelly group of people for nothing. I wouldn't have purchased her
merchandise if I knew that is the way she acted! It kinda seemed to me that
she acted to good to be there, that little town wasn't good enough for her or her autograph. I know not all artist sign autographs but her attitude
was really bad! I understand some audience is better than others but come
on, she could have at least threw up her hand or something.  Her fans are
the ones that keep her out on the road! Very disappointed!!!

If you've had a happy or unhappy experience with a star that you'd like to share you can email me at shannon@nashvillegab.com.