Is Kenny Chesney’s girlfriend pregnant?

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UPDATE: There's some new info on where this rumor is probably coming from. 

Is Kenny Chesney gonna be a dad? The short answer is no, at least I don't think so. 

Tonight I got an email from a reader asking me if I had heard a rumor that Kenny Chesney's girlfriend is pregnant with that being a large part of why Kenny's taking 2014 off from touring. 

Well I hadn't even heard that Kenny Chesney had a girlfriend let alone that she might be pregnant so, like I always do when I get these sorts of questions emailed to me, I went snooping around. 


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A note from an unhappy Jana Kramer fan

Jana Kramer

UPDATE: Jana possibly just emailed me and apologized to the unhappy fan. 

Earlier today I had a story about Kip Moore making some special fans feel extra special. I had mentioned that with Hollywood celebs you hear a lot of stories about bad behavior towards their fans but that with country stars you don't hear those stories very often. 

Unfortunately, occasionally I do hear stories about fans and their unhappy encounters with someone famous. 

Here's a story I received in my email back at the beginning of July from one reader who had an unpleasant encounter with Jana Kramer. Hopefully Jana was just having an off day and this isn't an indication of how she normally treats fans, but if it is then I hope she realizes that it's fans that make you famous and fans that buy your music. 


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Carrie Underwood To Appear on Good Morning America and Live! with Kelly & Michael (from the mailbag)

Carrie Underwood dvd
Six-time GRAMMY® winner Carrie Underwood will celebrate the release of her live
concert DVD next week. On Monday, August 12, Carrie will join the anchors of
Good Morning America as a special guest host on America’s currently #1
rated morning news broadcast, and on Tuesday, August 13 she will be a guest on
Live! with Kelly & Michael.  Carrie’s The Blown Away Tour:
DVD releases that same day.  Carrie will also perform on the “CMA
Music Festival: Country’s Night To Rock” special that will air on Monday, August
12 on ABC.
The Blown Away Tour: LIVE DVD,
features nearly 100 minutes of performance footage, including many of Carrie’s
#1 singles, with such favorites as “Before He Cheats,” “Jesus, Take the Wheel,”
“Two Black Cadillacs,” and the album title track that inspired her tour name,
“Blown Away.”  The live concert was directed by Christian Lamb and produced by
Domenic Cotter.
For a sneak preview go to:


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Tyler Farr’s Redneck Crazy – Single Review


Disclaimer: All posts written by guest writers on this website are solely that writer's opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other writers and/or site owner. I respect their opinions and so should you, even if you don't agree with it.

Guest Post:

   I have to admit that before I heard this song, having only read the title, I assumed it would be YET another rocking party song. I was completely wrong. Instead, Redneck Crazy is actually a song about heartbreak.

    Tyler Farr has a unique, gritty/raspy voice. Signed with Columbia Nashville, Tyler is definitely one of the most promising “new-comers” in Country Music. His voice, with its thick Missouri accent, is pure country. Tyler brings both power and emotion to his latest single. Redneck Crazy tells a tale about a crazy ex in a heartbreaking country song. The theme is often one typically done by a woman. Tyler Farr sings the song from a male’s point of view, giving us fresh take on an old idea.


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Is Taylor Swift sharing her loneliness on 4Chan?

Taylor Swift
Back a few weeks ago I told you about a radio contest that was being won by a 39-year-old man who wanted to win so that he could sniff Taylor Swift's hair. 

Odd, I know. 

Well that guy ended up winning the contest, but the radio station decided to shut the contest down without giving out the prize of a meet & greet after they found out the contest had been compromised. It was users at 4Chan, a bulletin board website where people usually post anonymously, who came up with the plan to troll the contest in the hopes of helping the hair-sniffer win. The website's users are very good at rallying the troops and getting things like that done.

Now, however, it appears that Taylor, who has been the object of 4Chan's attention on more than one occasion (they were also largely responsible for the deaf school winning the concert last year), may possibly be one of the site's regular anonymous users. 

One of the website's users did a little digging into another user's posts and found several things that made them think that it was Taylor posting. 


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