Lori McKenna- Massachusetts album review

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Guest post:

    I have to admit that I had no idea who Lori McKenna was until her latest album, Massachusetts, came out. I heard rave reviews on the album and decided to take a listen. I was looking for more traditional country and rootsy music. Fed up with the "Hick-hop" and what not, I was looking for music that got back to the basics. Massachusetts gave me what I was looking for. I listened to this album right through. It has an interesting, folksy sound.

    After I listened to the album, I did some research (which is what I normally do when I discover an artist for the first time). I quickly learned that Lori McKenna is a well-known, established songwriter. She has written for the likes of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Hunter Hayes, and Little Big Town. She recently co-wrote Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy" and Little Big Town's "Your Side of the Bed". She obviously has a gift for songwriting, a definite way with words.


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