Why Laura Bell Bundy Will Never Make It In Country Music


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With the recent release of ‘Two Step’, Laura Bell Bundy is
having her second stab at the country music world. But there’s a reason it didn’t
work the first time.

Laura Bell Bundy is a former Broadway star, and thus she is
used to playing characters, in fact is it almost inherent. You might think that
she is therefore ideal for country music, but she is a performer rather than an
authentic storyteller. In other words, she doesn’t sing the truth but instead
plays a part, making her performances decidedly shallow and devoid of meaning.
I don’t believe the sentiments in her music, I don’t feel her pain as if it
were her own, I just feel her acting. It feels like a false persona. Country
fans don’t like that.

Then there’s the overwhelming fact that she, as an artist,
is downright gimmicky. Her first
single, ‘Giddy On Up’ provided a music video laden with cheese depicting Laura
Bell in a western, stylized in the same showbiz way as a musical. It was over
the top and had Broadway written all over it. Even using the horse-related
metaphor of ‘giddy on up and giddy on out’ to refer to kicking a cheating boyfriend
out was gimmicky in itself.

The new song and video, ‘Two Step’, remains in this vein.
While it tries to channel the girly sass of superstars like Miranda Lambert, it
screams try-hard and lyrics like “ride that donkey” and the cheesy depiction of
western lifestyles within the song are again gimmicky and over the top. It’s
also, fundamentally, a plain pop song with a fiddle and banjo occasionally
making an appearance. If you strip them out there is no country in the song
whatsoever. The video furthers these effects, beginning exactly like a musical and descending into a pop video, with a pop
look and dance routine seen over and over again in the past 15 years. Colt Ford
just adds to the mismatched embarrassment.

Laura Bell Bundy can’t connect to her lyrics or to her audience,
and she is caught up in a past profession of Broadway, showbiz and cheese. None
of these translate well to country music, and it comes across as a desperate
attempt to make it in a new career, rather than a lifelong passion or desire to
be a country musician. She is a pop princess trying to make a buck that country
music fans did not accept the first time, and will not accept this time either.

You’d think, now being signed to Big Machine, they’d tar her
with the golden brush of success, but apparently even they can’t work miracles.

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  1. Shannon

    I’ve said many times in the past that I love Laura Bell Bundy. She does play a character, but that’s one of the things that I like about her. I think she’s funny and entertaining. I do also think that’s one reason no one takes her serious and that’s too bad.
    That aside, her Achin’ and Shakin’ CD is one of my very favorites and I listen to it quite often. The girl is good, just pigeonholed. Unfortunately, it’s probably mostly her own doing.

  2. emmastruben@hotmail.co.uk'

    wow for once I actually almost agree with you.

  3. who@notme.com'
    Not me

    HORRIBLE NOSE JOB! Can’t even look at her!

  4. gmumm@ksu.edu'

    I agree with you about Laura Bell Bundy. Very unoriginal, gimmicky, and unable to convey real feelings or emotion. That’s exactly why I think she is perfect for today’s country radio.

  5. amanchester@gmail.com'

    Can someone please explain to me why people take the time to write over the top mean / negative “articles”? What’s worse is people take the time and energy to reply with negative words about someones appearance. Negativity is usually the result of jealously. Let LBB have her fun! That’s what it is… FUN! No deep meaning behind it, and there isn’t supposed to be. Can’t people just be happy for others and let them do their thing? LBB isn’t hurting anyone. Applaude her that she gets to do what she wants to do for a living. Like Glen Campbell sang:
    “You got to try a little kindness
    Show a little kindness
    Just shine your light for everyone to see
    And if you try a little kindness
    Then you’ll overlook the blindness
    Of narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets.”

  6. livewire.country@orangehome.co.uk'

    Nice write up Vickye,
    I wish she could of kept Colt Ford out of the mix and video. She has been on Rascal Flatts’ LIVE & LOUD TOUR, performing as part of the DANCE YA’LL EXPERIENCE. That’s the market that Big Machine Records are pushing.
    Scott Borchetta: “She is a natural to lead the Country Dance Music movement that is starting to blow up and I’m confident we will find great success with her many talents”.
    I can relate with the Machine Shop environment and the clocking off in the “Two Step” vid. Her hot Machine Shop pals certainly “turn” up the heat – It’s cutting edge!
    It’s fun and catchy. “Giddy On Up” was earworm can’t think why UK country radio didn’t jump on it.
    Her single “Drop On By” from 2011 was one of my favourites, its gorgeous like the stunning video! Do check it out and comment

  7. mandapanda@gmail.com'

    Have you seen her live show? She is an ENTERTAINER. I respect your opinion & that not everyone is going to like what she is doing, but a lot of people do like it.. Big Machine wouldn’t waste their time/money if they didn’t think she had something to offer. Everyone is scared of change when it comes to country music. Yes, the classics are great. I’m a huge fan of 90s country, but there’s room for change everywhere. Today, the majority of people listen to everything, not just one genre. If an artist can find a way to get listeners that like to listen to pop music because they love to dance to listen to country, then so be it.
    I love going to a concert and the artist can just stand there and sing and keep my attention but I also like being entertained. That’s what LBB does, she performs… puts on a show. Her songs are catchy and get stuck in my head all the time. (sometimes more than I like) She’s just showing that country music can be played everywhere too.. country music can make people want to dance!
    The rude comments about her appearance are unnecessary, but I’m sure there’s a reason ‘not me’ needed to make themselves feel better 🙂

  8. wordsworthpro@hotmail.com'

    I think it’s interesting point of view, but no offense i also feel like the reviewer is an old school country fan. Meaning you take true pride and depth in great artists/songs. But let’s be honest thats not necessarily the same as show business. Not to mention some of the biggest records out right now in country are technically pop records. Taylor Swift is a pop artist, dub step isn’t used in any other country songs other than hers. Florida Georgia Line’s hit is a POP song. Stuck like Glue was a pop song, i mean i can go on and on. So i think Laura is just really bold and hopefully it pays off for her in her own lane. The industry needs someone who’s a real performer like her, it’s good to lighten up and just see people dancing just to dance, not because some critic said the songs was good enough to make them dance.

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