Update: Randy Travis reportedly undergoes heart surgery

Here's an update on Randy Travis' condition that I know many of you have been waiting for. 

As I told you yesterday, Randy Travis was admitted to a Texas hospital for viral cardiomypathy (a weakening of the heart due to a virus) on Sunday and was listed in critical condition. Unfortunately, it sounds like things haven't improved much and Randy's sister-in-law tells People.com that the star has undergone heart surgery. 

"We have been told he has had surgery," Teresa Traywick, the wife of Randy's brother Ricky Traywick, said. "Our prayers are going out to him because my husband just had a heart attack last year, so it is in their family." 

"Their mother passed away at an early age with her heart, so it is like these boys are following right in their footsteps," Teresa Traywick said. "My prayers are with them. That's all I can say right now." 

TMZ also has an update that they obtained from unknown sources that says Randy started feeling ill with what he thought was a bad cold recently. Things went downhill and he was airlifted to the Texas hospital on Sunday where he's been ever since. 

Kind of makes all his recent legal issues seem so trivial, eh? Prayers going out to Randy. 

UPDATE: No he didn't says his team.


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  1. dakin_kathy@hotmail.com'
    Kathy Dakin

    Hurry up and get well Randy so you can go back singing. I love your songs.

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