Trust owning Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Nashville home sued by neighbors

Tim and faith
The 2010 Nashville floods are long gone, but superstar couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still dealing with the fallout from those historic floods.

Being the normal gazillionaires they are, Tim and Faith have a trust, the 1152 Crater Hill Trust, which property is purchased through and which is apparently supposed to maintain those properties. One of Tim and Faith's neighbors in Nashville filed suit last Thursday against that trust claiming that their home is being damaged from the remnants of the 2010 floods because the trust is being negligent in fixing things on the famous couple's property. 

Ernest and Jennifer Gendron live downhill from Tim and Faith's $12 million Nashville mansion and claim that downed trees and debris was moved from the singers' property onto theirs after the floods and that things haven't been fixed properly since then. This has allegedly caused all kinds of problems for the Gendrons including their home taking on water due to runoff from Tim and Faith's property. 

Bill Ramsey, the attorney for the trust, said the lawsuit mostly centers around the land and is just a nuisance lawsuit.

"When you have a flood, funny things happen with land so … some dirt slid and some trees fell … ," Ramsey said. "It's really whose land is at fault. It's really like a nuisance lawsuit against the land."