Toby Keith would rather have skipped that Forbes cover

Toby Keith forbes
Remember not too long ago when Forbes put Toby Keith on the cover of their Celebrity 100 issue and declared him country's $500 million dollar man?

Yeah, he really didn't want to do that cover. 

Toby recently spoke with NewsOK and told them that he was basically forced into it by his publicist. 

“My publicist, this is one of the things she demanded. She was like, ‘They want to put you on the cover of Forbes. They’re requiring a photo shoot and interviews and follow you around for a couple of days out on the road.’ And I was like ‘Man …’"

“First of all, it’s like pulling teeth to get me to do photo shoots. And I don’t mind doing interviews if they’re by phone, but I hate to go sit down and have to meet somebody somewhere, you know what I mean. I’m getting lazy is what’s happening. No, there’s just so many people that want 20 or 30 minutes of your time that if I’m on the road like I am today, I ain’t got nothing to do but lay around on the bus all day and wait on the show. But if I’m at home, I’m running around and I’ve got stuff to do … so I try to cut back on stuff. And she was like, ‘You have to do the Forbes deal.’”

So Toby did it. How they got him to smile on the cover remains a mystery though.

Toby goes on to explain how the whole interview was just weird to him. 

“I was like, man, I’m uncomfortable even talking about success and money, you know what I mean. I’m just a boy from Oklahoma that still drives a pickup truck,” said Keith, who at that point hadn’t read even read the article and asked this reporter if it was any good.

“I got some hot rod cars in my barn and in garage ’cause I can – cars I grew up loving – but I’m a pickup guy.”

He added with a laugh, “I play golf with my shirttail out. I own a golf course because it’s very, very close to my house, and I don’t want to drive 45 minutes to the north side of Oklahoma City to play golf every day. I have race horses ’cause I love horses and it’s my hobby. But all the material things I have are stuff that fits my life and that I need (and) I want to do. And I’m just not comfortable with people doing that (delving into his financial success), but my publicist insisted. She said ‘You’ve earned it and it’s huge respect.’”

The article also delves a bit into Toby's highly successful Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert on July 6. Although no total amount raised has been announced yet, they are expecting it to be in the millions and that the show set a record for the largest paid audience for a concert in the history of OU stadium and is believed to be one of the biggest in the state's history.