“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” now has an official music video on YouTube

One of the best known country songs of all time finally has an official music video. 

Released in 1979, two years before MTV launched, The Charlie Daniels Band's classic The Devil Went Down to Georgia apparently never had a music video made for it. Now The Charlie Daniels Band has uploaded an official video for the song. 

The version of the song that's been uploaded sounds different than what you hear on the radio because it was part of the Band's Tailgate Party album released back in 2000.

From The Charlie Daniels Band's Facebook:

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The official music video of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" has finally been uploaded!

The video was released in 2000 in support of the Tailgate Party album and features footage from over 20 years of performances including video recorded from the Volunteer Jam concerts.

Keep your eyes peeled for a whole bunch of familiar faces in the video!