Teeny-tiny Florida Georgia Line covers Billboard magazine

Florida Georgia Line on Billboard

Seriously. Look how tiny Florida Georgia Line look on the new cover of Billboard magazine. They're so itty bitty. 

In the new issue of the music mag, which hits stores Monday, July 29, the hot duo talks about all sorts of things including the moment they knew they had something good together: 

“From the First song we wrote together we felt we had something cool. We worked easily together, we had a lot in common, and onstage it was really natural. It was a party. We just had fun with it.”

To the blending of musical genres that's big in country music right now:

“We write what we want to write. It’s mixing all of it together. We’ve been really blessed that what we love to write is attractive to people right now. People are grasping onto it. It puts us in a slot to be able to get out of the box and step out o the country music boundaries a little bit, and hopefully innovate a little bit.”

Fans can visit Billboard.com or purchase the magazine for the full story.

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