Taylor Swift hits 30 million Twitter followers

28786909Photo courtesy Taylor Swift Twitter

Taylor Swift has hit a huge milestone on Twitter … she now has over 30 million followers. 

To put that number into perspective, there are a whole slew of countries that have far less people living within their borders than Taylor has following her on Twitter including Peru, North Korea, and Romania. Heck, the state of California has just over 30 million citizens (38 million in 2012). 

Yes, Taylor's Twitter account is nearly as big as California. 

Taylor marked the special occasion on Sunday with a tweet: 

Of course, Gizmodo ran a story not too long ago about how many of the Twitter followers that follow the most popular tweeters are actually fake and/or inactive and Taylor was right up there near the top with nearly half of her followers being either fake (spam accounts) or no longer active users. 

That said, even if she only has 15 million real life, concert-ticket-buying and music-downloading fans following her, that's still a HUGE accomplishment so congrats to country's own Twitter titan. 

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