Steve Wariner has been stalked for the last 24 years by the same fan because people be crazy

Steve wariner
Many stars have stalkers, but most stalking incidents last days, months or occasionally years, but don't usually go into the decade territory. 

Holes In The Floor Of Heaven singer Steve Wariner amazingly has had the same stalker since 1989 and has just sued the woman, Linda Marie Shin, seeking a restraining order after she flew to Nashville to see him and do who knows what.  

According to Courthouse News, Wariner first had contact with Linda back in 1989 when she lied about her son having terminal cancer so that she could score a backstage meet & greet. According to court documents, Shin has continued to harass Wariner and his wife since then, writing hundreds of letters and even pleading for money. Recently she's been posting online about Wariner, even saying at one point, "We do it all the time spiritually."

According to documents, Steve was nice to Shin initially and brought her and her son backstage to multiple shows to take pictures with the boy he believed was dying from cancer. That stopped once it was revealed that Shin had lied about the terminal cancer and that her son had never even been diagnosed with the disease. 

Shin is apparently from Texas and with Wariner having some tour dates there next month, he wants to get a restraining order to make sure she stays well away from him. 

From Courthouse News: 

"In 1989, Steve Wariner, a country music entertainer, performed at the Astrodome for the Houston Rodeo in Houston, Texas," the lawsuit states. "Following the performance, Steve Wariner agreed to meet with a group of children from the Make-A-Wish foundation. During this meeting, Steve Wariner met defendant and one of her sons for the first time. At the meeting, defendant stated that her son was dying of cancer and that Steve Wariner was his favorite performer.

"Over the next few years, defendant and her son showed up at other performances when Steve Wariner performed near the Houston area. Plaintiffs frequently brought defendant and her son backstage at these performances and would pose for pictures or sign autographs. Eventually, plaintiffs discovered that defendant's claim that her son was dying of cancer was completely false. In fact, plaintiffs were informed that defendant's son had never been diagnosed with cancer. Once defendant's lies were discovered, plaintiffs stopped allowing her backstage at these performances. However, on a few occasions afterwards defendant somehow managed to gain access to the backstage area at Steve Wariner's performances without having the proper credentials."

"Over the next twenty years, defendant continued contacting plaintiffs on numerous occasions by showing up at meet and greets, calling venues where Steve Wariner was performing, calling into radio interviews when plaintiff was being interviewed, contacting plaintiff's employees, booking agents and family," the complaint states. "During these interactions, defendant told numerous lies in an attempt to gather personal information about plaintiffs.

According to documents, Shin has lied about being friends with Steve, being his girlfriend, about Steve being the father of her son, and about being a family member. At one point, Shin got in touch with the captain of a cruise ship where Wariner was performing and convinced the captain that there was an emergency at home. When Wariner answered the call, Shin informed him that her son had an abscessed tooth. 

According to documents, things have only gotten worse over the years and with the invention of Twitter, Facebook, etc., things have gotten unbearable. 

"With the invention of social media, defendant has been a nightmare to plaintiffs. Defendant makes almost daily posts on her MySpace and Facebook page and on fan-sites making outrageously false statements that she is Steve Wariner's girlfriend and that Steve Wariner is the father of her child."

Things took a turn for the uh oh when Shin told Wariner she was coming to Nashville and that if she didn't see him he "would 'know what will happen' and that (he) 'would not like it.'"

Then she showed up at the Nashville airport on May 20 where she was arrested on a harassment charge. She was ordered not to have contact with Wariner but ignored the warning. Now she calls him Tom online thinking that no one would be the wiser. 

Now that Wariner's scheduled to perform in Texas, Shin's home turf, he wants protection, especially since she has indicated that she's purchased tickets to some of his shows. 

"Defendant has stated that she purchased tickets to some of these shows and that she expects to meet with Steve Wariner at these events. Defendant has also stated that plaintiffs had better be separated or divorced by these performances. Based on defendant's past behavior, plaintiffs are scared of having any interaction with defendant. Despite nearly 30 years of trying to ignore defendant's behavior, plaintiffs continue to be afraid that defendant will keep harassing them online and in person," the complaint states.

Well now this lady sounds completely mentally stable and just an all-around fun person to be with. Eesh. 

The good news is, this lawsuit comes out just in time to promote Steve's new album, "It Ain't All Bad," that hits stores September 10. Gotta look at the bright side, even when dealing with someone who may or may not want to murder you in your sleep.