So Prince (yes, that one) once covered a Shania Twain song


Holy heck, this is so awful it's beautiful. 

Some guy named Dan Chamberlain has a collection of old MP3s on his computer that he's sharing with the world via Tumblr. One of the oldies but goodies that he dug up is Prince — yes, THAT Prince — covering Shania Twain's Still The One

From Vulture

Thanks to Dan Chamberlain and his vintage collection of ripped mp3s, we have evidence that Prince once covered Shania Twain and posted a RealPlayer stream on his website. Featuring Marva King, "Ur'e Still the 1" isn't the Purple One's first foray into cover songs (check out 1996'sEmancipation), but because of Chamberlain, this ode to Twain isn't lost forever.

Shania, if you're listening, please, please, please have your people call Prince's people and make a duet happen as fast as possible.  


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