So Carrie Underwood got crapped on recently

Birds. They have no respect. None I say.  

Carrie Underwood is or was on vacation and had a run in with some wayward bird droppings. 

Yesterday, she posted this picture on Instagram along with: I got pooped on by a bird on my vacation. And of course my hubby just HAD to take a pic! Ha ha!#whyme

Carrie Underwood pooed on
Gads, even bird poop hitting Carrie Underwood is dainty and cute. I can guarantee you that if I got pooped on by a bird while on vacation it wouldn't be dainty and cute. It'd be some seagull or pelican or other big-ass seabird who had just eaten his fill of rotten fish. It would definitely not be cute little bird droppings that you can giggle about. 

I'll add that to the many differences between Carrie Underwood and I.