So Beyonce had a little concert trouble last night (not country but wow)


I know that Beyonce's not country, but I was very impressed with this video so I thought I'd share. 

According to TMZ, Beyonce had an onstage emergency last night when her hair got sucked into a huge fan. 

A huge fan as in a whirling, finger-chopping, electric fan, not like a beefy concert-goer. 

I read that and was like, "Dayum, that sucks (literally)." But then I watched the video and was like, "Dayum, that girl is good." 

You see, while security worked to help Beyonce untangle her hair, the girl continued to sing like it was no big deal. 


Eventually Beyonce's tresses were freed by a scissor-wielding crew member and the show went on like no big deal.

On a side note, do you think Beyonce's hair is insured? What a crazy insurance claim that would be. 

As funny as it is to think about (and see), this is actually a scary situation. About 16 years ago, I worked at a local company that makes moldings. I worked in various departments there and they entrusted machines with sharp-ass saws, sanders, wood-moving belts, etc. to me.

Yes, the company was kind stupid in that regard. 

Anyway, there was a girl there that got her hair caught in a piece of machinery and it ended up winding her hair up and ripping off a chunk of her scalp. 

Scary situation indeed.