Randy Travis’ brother arrested after police find meth lab in his home

DAVID-TRAYWICK mugshotDavid Traywick mugshot from mugshots.com

While Randy Travis lies in a Texas hospital recovering from a stroke and heart problems, his younger brother, David Traywick, is back to his old tricks. 

David was arrested on Tuesday, July 16, in Marshville, North Carolina after police found a meth lab in his home. 

Hey, some of us handle stress better than others. Some of us eat, some of us cry, some of us build meth labs in our homes. 

Police tell WBTV.com that they were acting on a tip that they had received and decided to raid David's home. David, his wife Jessica, and two female friends were all arrested and charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth, a felony, after the lab was found in the home.

This isn't the first time David's found himself in this spot. Back in September of 2012, he was arrested after police found a temporary meth lab near his home.