No, Shania Twain doesn’t play for the Cleveland Indians

Hey look! Shania Twain is starting a new career as a baseball player. 

Or at least her famous moniker is. 

Famous people often use aliases when they stay in hotels so that they can remain anonymous and dodge those always pesky fans and paparazzi. Apparently, baseball players do the same thing; however, when baseball players take on aliases they seem to favor famous names to mask their own names — which is kind of odd when you think about it. 

Over the weekend, the hotel alias list for the Cleveland Indians baseball team made its way into the hands of another hotel guest who found it funny enough to tweet about it.

That S. Twain you see there staying in room 1705 is short for Shania Twain. There's also a Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Dick Tracy, and Denzel Washington staying in those hotel rooms. 

Funny. I suppose life on the road gets a little monotonous sometimes and the guys have fun however they can.