Mystery “Pray for Randy Travis” signs showing up in adopted hometown. George Jones’ widow visits Randy in hospital

I'm telling you what, Randy Travis' adopted hometown of Tioga, Texas may just be the nicest little town in America. Seriously, when Randy was arrested naked last year, the town rallied around their adopted son and bailed him out of jail and even provided him with clothing since he had none when he was arrested. Whenever anyone in the tiny town of 803 is interviewed about Randy they are quiet, respectful, and just downright nice-seeming people. 

Now comes word that mystery "Pray for Randy Travis" signs are showing up around the town and it seems no one's quite sure where they're coming from, or at least town residents aren't revealing the secret if they do know who's doing it. 

Check out the video above from WFAA. It's kind of sweet.  

In other Randy news, George Jones' widow, Nancy, made the trip to Plano, Texas to visit Randy in the hospital. George Jones was Randy's hero, as he's said many times in the past, and Randy even wrote and recorded a song to honor George after he passed away. TMZ reports that Nancy brought a bunch of Jones' songs to play for Randy. She told the gossip site, "I love him and I know that George is looking over him during this time."

TMZ also reports that Chuck Norris gave Randy a get-well-soon call recently. 

Yes, Chuck Norris. You know things are going to be alright when you have Chuck Norris on your side. 

Randy, of course, was hospitalized on Sunday for heart failure and suffered a stroke as a complication, undergoing emergency brain surgery on Wednesday night.