Miranda Lambert squashes those pesky gay rumors no one’s heard before

Miranda Lambert Fastest Girl in TownPhoto courtesy YouTube – Fastest Girl in Town video

Let me know if you've heard these rumors before … Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are divorcing, Miranda Lambert's pregnant with twins, Miranda Lambert likes the ladies and is a bit gay. 

Yeah, I've heard the first two but that last one I've never heard before. Well Miranda's apparently heard someone say she was gay because she addressed the rumor last Thursday in Boston. 

According to Contact Music, Miranda chatted with the crowd during her appearance at the CMA Songwriters Series and a couple of the things she addressed were those pesky tabloid rumors.

She said, "For the record, I’m not pregnant – I’m drinking – and I’m not getting divorced. And I’m not gay, because I think (fellow country star) Kip Moore’s cute, and Blake knows about it."

For the record, I think Miranda Lambert is hot as hell and I'm not one bit gay, so thinking Kip Moore's cute probably isn't a good indication that you're not gay, but I get what she's saying. 

She went on to say, "I’ve been pregnant, having twins, we’ve been separated, I’m drunk and alone, pregnant again, then we’re having twins again, and now we’re getting divorced. I can’t even name the stuff. It’s funny because I realise this song means even more to me now because I’m in the tabloids every week for being famous for something I didn’t even do, than for something I want to be famous for, which is playing my damn guitar and writing a song."

And she assured fans she won't be getting pregnant anytime soon: "Everybody’s having babies right now and it’s freaking me out. Blake’s in L.A. and I’m real glad; it’s like a million miles away from here. Get that thing away from me! Something’s in the water. No way. I have dogs. A lot of dogs."

On a side note, while performing Gunpowder & Lead Miranda told the back story on the song, saying that she wrote it while in a concealed weapons class. 

Talk about inspiration. 

Check out video of Miranda telling the Gunpowder & Lead story. 


{Contact Music}

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