Miranda Lambert helps small sanctuary with big donation

Miranda Lambert is known for her love of animals. Not only does she find homeless animals new forever homes on a regular basis (and adopt more than a few herself), she also raises massive amounts of money to help shelter pets through her MuttNation Foundation. This year alone, she's managed to raise an incredible $400,000. 

Not surprisingly, though, it's not just the small, furry creatures that Miranda holds dear, it's also the much larger ones. 

Earlier this year before Miranda's Atlantic City concert, veterinarian technician student Kelly Coleman and her radio DJ husband husband, Mark Razz, had the chance to meet Miranda backstage. Kelly told Miranda that she had read an article about how she had teamed up with Pedigree to help local animal shelters and that she'd nominated a local shelter/animal sanctuary, the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, to be helped.

Miranda asked her what Popcorn Park Zoo was and Kelly explained that they offer neglected and abused animals, both domestic and wild, "a loving retreat to live out the rest of their lives." Unfortunately, because of superstorm Sandy, the zoo/sanctuary was in desperate need of help after being inundated with abandoned and lost pets. 

That's when Miranda jumped into action. Rather than wait for the Pedigree nomination to possibly happen, she put Coleman in touch with her mom Bev. Soon after, the Popcorn Park Zoo received a donation of $5,000 from MuttNation along with a note that said they would try to help more in the future. 

So cool. 

You can find out more information about Popcorn Park Zoo here and Miranda's MuttNation here.

{Shore News Today}