Meet Steve Grand. He’s tall, dark, handsome, a great singer, and happens to be openly gay


Since yesterday afternoon, I've noticed a whole slew of people coming to NashvilleGab by searching Google and other search engines for the term "gay male country singer" or other similar terms.

Now Chely Wright's been out for quite a while (and she's, of course, a woman), so I didn't figure people were searching for her. I also hadn't heard of any famous country guys coming out of the ol' closet recently, so I thought there was probably some other reason people were suddenly searching for a mysterious gay male country singer. 

Since my curiosity was piqued I started doing some searching of my own and voila … I think I may have found why people are suddenly so interested in gay country singers.

Meet Steve Grand. BuzzFeed ran a story on him yesterday and I think this may just be what people have been looking for.

Steve released a music video on Tuesday called All-American Boy that's actually very touching. The music starts out sounding a bit like a countrified Lady Gaga's You and I but gets much better from there. It's a story from Steve's life where he had a crush on a straight boy who didn't quite have the same feelings for him. 

Yeah, we've all been there. 

Steve says on his Facebook about his decision to release the song and his choice to let his sexual orientation be known:

time to be brave. the world does not see change until it sees honesty. I am taking a risk here in many ways, but really there is no choice but to be brave. To not tell this story is to let my soul die. It is all I believe in. It is all I hold dear. We have all longed for someone we can never have… we all have felt that ache for our‎#allamericanboy 

first original song and music video. I gave everything for this. If my story makes even a couple people feel less alone in their aching, all the blood, sweat, tears, and soul I put into this project makes it worth it. Thanks for watching. 

Listening to the song, watching the video, and seeing Steve and the look he has going on, I think we have a strong contender for the very first openly-gay-from-the-start country star. My hope is that someday people won't give a shit about a person's choice in who they love, but until then it's great to know there are brave people out there like Steve who choose to be honest and true to who they are from the very start. Best of luck to him.   

Oh, and just so you know, I don't know if Steve's tall or not, it just went along with that whole tall, dark, and handsome bit. Also,you can follow Steve on Twitter at @SteveGrandMusic. You can also download All-American Boy here.

UPDATE: I was right, this does seem to be why people have been searching for gay country singer. The site's been going crazy since I posted this story. Looks like someone better snatch Steve up and give him a record deal because there appears to be a whole segment of the country-listening population who is wanting a role model (and poster boy) all their own. 


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    Steven Stanley

    What a great 4th Of July Steve must be having!! Amazing the power of the Internet. Hot singer, hot song! And you’re right about that record contract!! Perfect timing after this past week’s Supreme Court rulings!

    Bev Moore

    Patrick Masse came out publicly as a male country artist in 2004

  3. Eagle65ca

    Drake Jensen came out publicly in January 2012, and posted a video on YouTube for the title track of his debut album On My Way To Finding You, which featured him and his husband. This video was featured on Towleroad, and received an award from Montreal’s Fondation Emergence for the fight against homophobia.
    Drake also opened Nashville Pride this year. He performed at the Curb Records pre-party at the Hard Rock Cafe on June 13th.

  4. Lzambeni

    Drake Jensen is Canadian, not from the US. Besides, IMHO, he’s creepy looking, too “country” sounding, and doesn’t have the mass appeal this guy has. This guy is from Chicago and has a look and sound as American as apple pie! He’ll go way farther, IMO. I hate kountry music, but can’t stop listening to Steve Grand, whose sound is country-lite, more akin to John Mellencamp – another Midwesterner from just next door in Bloomington, Indiana. I’m sure others who hate country will feel the same way – which makes this guy extremely marketable.

    Moved Past

    To bad that Steve decided to focus on the negative! The same old gay guy chasing a straight guy in the video! Wish he showed the positive side of being gay not the usual thing, a gay man in conflict!

  6. Shannon

    The thing I like about this guy is that he’s young, good looking, and, as Lzanbeni said, marketable. I could care less if a singer is gay or not because I feel their personal lives are their personal lives, but I’ve been waiting for someone to come along who has what it takes to prove that country music, at least the younger listeners, are perfectly fine with their favorite singer being homosexual. I think that Chely Wright did a great disservice to country when she came out and then went immediately into poor me mode about how much everyone has turned their back on her because she was gay. I think country music turned their back on her because she quit putting out good music and/or her people just quit promoting her music and started focusing solely on her being gay. Who honestly cares if she’s gay or not? That aside, I think it’s time for the world to realize that not everyone who listens to country music is a redneck hillbilly who quotes the Bible and hates gay people. It’s just not all that true any longer. Are many of us rednecks? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we’re bigoted rednecks, at least most of the country fans I’ve come across aren’t. I’ve just been hoping that someone would finally come along who could help change that perception … maybe this guy could do that.


    Why is Drake Jensen “creepy looking”? Oh, you mean because he’s not Abercrombie & Fitch beautiful, the way Steve Grand is. Don’t get me wrong — I really liked Steve Grand’s video, but gay men come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

  8. graphics4fun

    Great song, great video. I was actually hoping the guy would come back to him in the end. Unrequited love is as ageless as love gone wrong. I keep thinking Kenny Cheney must be gay too, not only because of the 4 month marriage to Renée Zellweger, but because he doesn’t seem to date anyone! Dude… if you are gay, just come on out … who cares?

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