Martie Maguire performs for a street performer

This video is great.

Dixie Chicks/Court Yard Hounds band member Martie Maguire decided to do a little fiddling in Regina, Saskatchewan over the weekend … and it had nothing to do with the Craven Country Jamboree that she and the other Dixie Chicks were in town to perform at. 

At what appears to maybe be a shopping center, although I can't be sure, Martie came across a street performer who just happened to play the fiddle. She borrowed his instrument and played a bit of music for him. 

After the performance, the man seemed impressed (and oblivious to who Martie is) and told her she was doing good and to keep it up, meaning the fiddling, which made everyone chuckle. Martie promised she would keep on practicing hard.

Hopefully she left the kindly old chap a few dollars for the use of his fiddle … he is a street performer after all.   

{Via the Court Yard Hounds' Facebook/LeaderPost}


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