Loretta Lynn’s daughter passes away

Loretta lynn
This is so sad. No one should ever outlive their children, even if that child is 64. 

It was revealed on Monday that Loretta Lynn's oldest daughter, 64-year-old Betty Sue Lynn, had passed away from complications of emphysema. 

Posted on Loretta's website was: 

The Lynn Family appreciates all your prayers, love, and support of our family’s loss. Betty was Loretta’s oldest daughter. Betty leaves two daughters Lynn Markworth and Audrey Dyer.

Heartbreaking. My condolences go out to Loretta and her whole family. 

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  1. gsutter@bex.net'
    Gayle Sutter

    Sadly, this is the second child she has buried. Her son, Jack Benny, drowned at age 34 in 1984.

  2. D

    I am so sorry for your loss my prayer go out to you an your family,God only lone’s us the children we are blessed with until god call’s them home ,She in her daddy’s arm’s for now………………

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