Kimberly Perry’s grunt gets all the attention

Band perry donePhoto via Big Machine Records

I admit that when The Band Perry's Done came out I wasn't really into it. It took probably a good five or six times of me hearing it before I was singing along and actually enjoyed the song. 

Truth be told, there was probably one thing that got me singing along to the song … that grunt. 

You know what I'm talking about. 

The band says that while the song is a fun one to start out their show with: 

“We’ve always wanted to have a song that we can come out to with both guns blazing. We’ve got a fog jet that shoots up in the air. It’s a really energetic song to come out.” Kimberly is excited about the reaction “DONE” has been getting from the fans, many of whom have been inspired by the song. “We kinda say it’s DONE breaking up relationships everywhere,” she laughs. “I mean, just to hear the stories from guys and girls who’ve been inspired by this song to get out of a really bad situation, we are happy to wave the banner and glad to help ya.”

It's that grunt that everyone's really digging:

“We spent days and hours and weeks trying to perfect a track or a song,” says Reid, “and that’s the one thing out of the entire ‘DONE’ track that they talk about is the grunt.” Kimberly jokes that it’s “a very inspired grunt.”

Takes a special person to have an inspired grunt, that's for sure. 

{Music News Nashville}