Kellie Pickler plans on adding ballet to her routine

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Kellie Pickler really transformed herself into a dancer for her stint on "Dancing With The Stars," and the way it sounds she's not quite done yet. 

Kellie recently spoke with about her dancing future, her chemistry with dancing pro Derek Hough, and how her home life is completely separate from her professional life. 

She tells the magazine about her future dancing plans, “I’ve been looking into finding a dance instructor for ballet. I want to learn ballet so badly I can’t stand it! I’m hoping that I will be able to train with someone and I would love to do a ballet routine in one of my videos.”

She goes on to tell the magazine about her life off the road and how when she's home she's Mrs. Kellie Jacobs, not Kellie Pickler.

“If you were to come to our house, you would never know what we do for a living. We have guitars and musical instruments all around the house because my husband [Kyle Jacobs] is a music producer and songwriter, so we have guitars everywhere. But we don’t have plaques or trophies. I don’t have one picture from one show in our house. I keep that separate. When I walk in my door, when I’m at home, I’m not Kellie Pickler anymore; I’m Kellie Jacobs.”

Kellie is currently putting the finishing touches up on her fourth studio album, the first with her new record label Black River Entertainment, and hopes to release the album sometime by the end of the year. 


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