Jo Dee Messina’s mom back in hospital

Jo DeePicture courtesy Jo Dee Messina Facebook

Well wishes going out to Jo Dee Messina and her mother, Mary, who is back in the hospital. The singer took to her Twitter and Facebook to tell fans the latest.

Another trip to the ER. We were at special care facility. Now back in hospital. Mom has pneumonia. 3 mos 2day since surgery.

Jo Dee's mom underwent life-saving open heart surgery back in April, causing Jo Dee to cancel shows in order to be there for her mom. 

At the time, she told fans the scary story of how she was told her mom would need surgery.

"We were told my mother has to have open heart surgery… My mother is little and fragile. To cut through her sternum, I just ache thinking of the healing process. Will she be able to tolerate all that?…

"As I walked in (to hospital) I was stopped by her doctor and then the surgeon came up to answer any questions that we had. I asked about other options and I will quote Dr, (not surgeon) he said, 'She can have the surgery or you can take her home and pick out her casket.' I realise that sounds harsh. It hit me as harsh when he said it, but, I don't think he meant it to seem cold. It was his way of letting us know this is the only option."

Thankfully Mary came through that fine. Now Jo Dee and her mom can use some happy thoughts to help get through this latest health obstacle.