Jennifer Nettles writes about losing the baby weight

As someone who has had two children of my own, I can relate to the struggle of losing the baby weight. Of course, I'm sort of like that line from Kacey Musgrave's song Blowin' Smoke that says:

Brenda's traded smokes for cake
Still hadn't lost that baby weight
And that baby's about to graduate
From college

Oh sure, my two are aren't quite in college yet but rather are still winding their way through middle school and high school, but still, I get it. 

Anyway, Jennifer's in that losing baby weight stage after delivering her bundle of joy, Magnus, back in December. Now she's written a new blog post about the experience. She says:

Hello Dahlings! Everyone was so, super supportive of my first post-delivery appearance. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the love, because I was quite nervous. That being said, while everyone was very positive in their comments to me, they weren't always as positive about themselves and their own body image. I have such a problem with that and want to address a few things.

The whole baby weight loss business came down to four factors for me: Genetics, breastfeeding, exercise and nutrition. Let's discuss.

And discuss she did. Jennifer lets fans in on many of the things she's doing to get ready for upcoming photo shoots, interviews, etc. You can read all of Jennifer's weight loss tips on her blog at