Jason Aldean beams Kelly Clarkson into concert … here’s how those country holograms work

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Last night for his historic concert at Fenway Park in Boston, Jason Aldean had a special guest … Kelly Clarkson. 

Only it wasn't Kelly Clarkson — not in the flesh anyway — it was actually a hologram of Kelly who showed up virtually so that she and Jason could sing their hit single Don't You Wanna Stay.

Some people were fooled, but most fans realized Kelly was there in spirit only, especially since this wasn't the first time Jason had brought Clarkson onstage in holographic form. Brad Paisley also occasionally uses a hologram of Carrie Underwood in his concerts for their duet of Remind Me. Funny enough, Kelly Clarkson's also been known to bring a fake Jason Aldean to her concerts to duet with. 

So with all these futuristic duet partners invading concerts, have you ever wondered how they do it?

At last year's Coachella, Some of rap's biggest performers had a huge surprise for fans when they brought a very realistic Tupac Shakur hologram on stage to perform with them. This hologram was a little different than the Kelly and Carrie holograms because, aside from the fact that Tupac's been dead since 1996, his performance was something all new and something he hadn't actually recorded in real life. Apart from performing, Tupac's "ghost" addressed the crowd as well as each of the other rappers on stage. Needless to say, there was a lot of computer manipulation that took place for that performance.

The company who created the Tupac hologram, AV Concepts, put together the video below to show fans the basics of how a holograph works.  

There's another video here if you want another take on the process.

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