Jake Owen spends Sunday night in the ER

Jake Owen really needs to learn to be more careful with his beautiful head.  

Seriously, hasn't his wife, Lacey, learned how to get that mom/wife voice going that keeps her man from doing dumb things that land his ass in the ER?

After nearly 20 years of marriage myself, I can certainly act as a tutor if she needs help. 


Anyway, Jake ended up in the ER this weekend after an unfortunate go-kart accident. 

He posted the below picture of him wearing a neck brace and then later explained what happened saying: Got in a little go kart accident tryin to beat @KevinHarvick & @ClintBowyer . I'll stick to singing country songs pic.twitter.com/s6aQ2trym2

Oh yeah, just in case you don't know, Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick are both professional race car drivers. Jake might want to pick more appropriate people to compete with next time.