Is George Strait’s tribute to Newtown still appropriate?

I believe
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George Strait recently revealed that his new single I Believe was inspired by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. It's a beautiful song, but the question remains … do the people of Newtown want a constant reminder of the horrific events that unfolded on December 14th of last year on their local radio station?

Music can be used to heal, but wouldn't this song have made more sense months ago?

In case you don't know, I work for the local station. Anytime that we've brought up the shooting (on the air and online) in the past few months, we've been beat down by our listeners.

One person wrote:

"Leave these ppl to grieve in peace already! Stop talking and posting about this!"

Results from our web poll (7/12 1pm) show that 87% of our listeners would like to hear it on the station.

Erica Lafferty, the outspoken daughter of the slain principal of Sandy Hook, has given her blessing on Twitter.

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