Internet jokesters hope to crush little girls’ dreams by helping creepy guy win Taylor Swift contest

Taylor hair
Do you suppose Taylor Swift's hair smells good? 

I think it probably smells something like strawberries, puppy kisses, and fairy dust, but that's just me.

If 4Chan users have anything to do with it, however, one creepy (their words, not mine) fella in his late 30s may get the chance to find out. 

Boston's Kiss 108FM probably didn't know what they were getting into when they launched a contest for fans to win Taylor Swift meet & greet passes, but I think they're probably learning a lesson really quick now that the internet's biggest tricksters, 4Chan, have made one of the contestants their newest project. 

A user requested 4Chan's help getting his friend to win the contest:

Taylor 4chan
First The Daily Dot picked up the story and Reddit and then Gawker and now the world knows about the contest, which means that no little girl anywhere will ever be able to win the contest because the internet's basically one big gang of assholes, at least where things like this are concerned. 

Remember that whole deaf school fiasco? Well at least that turned out better than expected. 

The "creepy 39 year old friend named Charles" is currently sitting in first place in the contest, but the station does say in the fine print that it "reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who employ less-than-honest means of enhancing their position" so hopefully an actual little girl (or older one) who doesn't wish to do weird things with Taylor's hair will eventually win.