I have a confession to make … this is why I’ve been gone all day

So I was gone pretty much all day yesterday and today on the site. 

Want to know why?

This is why.

In case you're sitting there wondering what the heck the picture is, it's from the new Netflix original series "Orange is the New Black," which for about 32 hours became my new drug.  

I'd been hearing good things about the show which debuted last week on Netflix instant streaming. I finally had some free time yesterday and decided to watch episode one. Big mistake. Once I watched episode one I had to sit and watch episode two, three, four all the way through episode eight. 

Yes, I watched eight hours of this damn show in one sitting. The fact that Netflix doesn't make you wait each week for a new episode and instead uploads the entire season for fans to watch at their leisure is both a blessing and a curse. I sat and watched the whole damn series in two days.

That's a total of 13 one-hour episodes.  

yeah, I'm not proud.

It was so dang good though. Just make sure if you sit down to watch it, you have either more self-control than I had or some really comfy padding for your butt because you're going to need it.