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Hatfield & mccoy

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The Hatfield & Mccoy feud is one of the most popular events in southern history. My great-great-great uncle was Big Bad Jim Vance so I proudly claim the Hatfield title. The History ch. is set to premier a brand new reality show titled Hatfield & Mccoy White Lightning. Taking place on the border of West Virginia & Kentucky, I'm sure the show will be filled with some good ol' backwoods drama. Can the Hatfields & Mccoys work together to produce a brand of moonshine? Will the bickering cause them to fail at this business opportunity? Tune in Thursday Aug 1st at 10pm to find out.

A good friend of mine, Miss Courtney Mccoy, daughter of Jim Mccoy, will be starring in this reality series. You can follow her on twitter @CourtneyEMccoy for live tweeting during the premier.

Me & court
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