Get ready for a version of “The Voice” just for kids

Watching shows like "America's Got Talent," I'm always amazed by how talented some really young kids can be in the singing department and am regularly blown away by the prepubescent songbirds. Now those talented youngsters are getting their very own singing show to shine on. 

According to the New York Post, NBC is working on a new version of their highly popular singing competition "The Voice" just for singers 8 to 14 years old. 

"We are hoping [to begin production] by the end of the year," a source told The Post back in April. 

The plan the network has is to film the new children's series at the same time and on the same stage as the adult version, which has already begun getting ready for their season 5 premiere in September.

Unfortunately, shortly after the NYP story the network put the breaks on the kid's version temporarily due to not getting everything ready before season 5 of the adult "The Voice" started it's production, but I'd definitely expect to see it on T.V. next year. 

"The Voice Kids" is already a hit in other countries such as Germany, and a bilingual version is set to debut on NBC-owned Spanish network Telemundo in May.

If you have a youngster who was born to sing, you can find out about trying out here

(New York Post/MJs Big Blog)



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